Forged Anew 2016


I started my first blog on New Year's Day and funnily enough I decided to start again on this New Year's Day in 2016. It was inspired by my One Little Word for 2016 which is Forge.

I had slowly fallen out of love with my old blog and even though I fiddled with the template I just really couldn't get it to do or look how what I wanted it to. I also had changed in my use of it to using Instagram and Pinterest which changed how I save things. Originally it was a storage point for me and if anyone read it then that was a bonus. Pinterest changed that as well as Instagram and I slowly stopped posting.

I did the One Little Word class by Ali Edwards last year and although I didn't complete every prompt I completed the ones that resonated with me. I wasn't sure if I would do it for 2016 or what my word would be but like all things it popped up one day last week and after mulling it over for a day it stuck.

I did still want a blog however so I decided to start anew. There will be new challenges in the blog template and design itself as well as new crafty endeavours and challenges. I'm not taking any paid classes this year as I need to focus on my work but I am hoping to do some creative work to maintain a balance that helps me deal with the stress of my exams this year.

2016 is going to be a year with lots of challenges with studying and exams for work and I choose "forge" to remind me to keep working at it, not to give up and something new will come of all my hard work. I liked the definition of forge and these were my two resonant definitions I found

1. Make or shape something new.
2. Create something strong, enduring or successful.

I also wanted to change how I blog and focus more on my art journals rather than scrapping. That change is partly as the boys are older they don't want their layouts posted on my blog so I privatised my old blog and started this one. I don't want to delete my old blog as it stores so many memories but it's time to forge a new one.

I found this page when I was looking in my art journal for a blank page and realised that it was just what I thought about my word for this year.


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  1. Brilliant...will add it to my blog list on my own VERY neglected blog. Xxx

  2. Nice to find you here through your Instagram link and hope you are forging ahead.